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What do we do?

We study the cellular and molecular mechanisms of cancer metastasis


Metastasis is the most common cause of cancer death. Discovering factors that influence cancer metastasis could result in the development of new cancer therapies


We study the interactions between cancer cells and their surrounding microenvironment. These interactions influence tumor progression and metastasis formation


Tumor microenvironment

The bi-directional interactions between the tumor and the tumor microenvironment. Tumor-microenvironment interactions are bidirectional. Each of the interaction partners is capable of regulating gene expression in the other partner, or of exerting selective pressures on it. Each interaction partner thus shapes the phenotype of the other partner. Interactions of cancer cells with components of their microenvironment are crucial determinants in the decision making process determining if cancer cells will progress towards metastasis, if they will stay dormant or if they will disappear altogether.
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